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Welcome to KitaBerbagi - Wealth Program.

KitaBerbagi is The Share Money for Wealth Program, that providing online facilities to community members to share funds helping others who need help based on mutual understanding and cooperation. KitaBerbagi adapted a solution to provide clients a safe and easy way for you to earn money without worrying. If you would like to start earning money wherever who you are, you should take advantage of services offered by KitaBerbagi.

Our objective is clear to help you establish, maintain and increase your capital and financial safely. Making a profit with KitaBerbagi doesn't mean you must have big assets. Now you can start easily by share money in KitaBerbagi Community only USD 60.

Membership Benefits

There are many reasons to join KitaBerbagi. When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes pioneer that are transforming our world, by helping to shape the future of mutual sharing.

KitaBerbagi members enjoy these benefits:

  • Networking worldwide opportunities.
  • You have a marketing tools for invite your friends to join and participate in this program.
  • Unique¬†sharing opportunities¬†to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of the worldwide.
  • you can earn great cash $10 of one person who you refer to join in KitaBerbagi.

This is a real platform not a scam, the question is, how earn a money? yes a good question, you will earn money from your referral.

Refer your friends now to enjoy fabulous share money!

Refer your friends and relatives to join with us and everyone benefits, as you can earn great cash.

Promote this program to other peoples and get money to you. We guide you how to create your KitaBerbagi membership and start today.

Do you want to earn the great income without leaving your home?

Good News! There are plenty of legitimate ways to earn extra money sitting right where you are right now. Some of them will involve into your own small bussines, while others mean working for someone else, you are using your home as an office.

Daily cash from people worldwide to your bank account. With this application your bank account viral spread to the wide world that you could potentially earn share money every day.

To facilitate remittance partners are required every member has an account in PAYONEER.COM, Join PAYONEER is FREE and withdraw directly to a local bank account in your country including its ATM can be used in the world.

Working internationally has never been simpler. With Payoneer's Global Payment Service, you can now receive local bank transfers from your international customers - as if you had a local bank account.

payoneer account

Why people choose KitaBerbagi ?

  • You Have NEVER Seen This Before
  • You do not need any prior experience - It is really newbie friendly
  • NO SCAM - Because donation directly transfer to your bank account.
  • NO HIDDEN PAYMENTS - clear and clean
  • Direct cash transfer no wait anything
  • Management not savings the funds of the members
  • Member get member and member to member transfers
  • Simple and easy

Do you wato have an ATM MASTER CARD as well as ways to get money for your balance and can be used worlwide?





Type username, your password, put your active email because each transaction will be reported by email.


Complete your personal data and your bank account


Promote your link referral an example


How to work this program?

  2. Join Payoneer's Global Payment Service to transfers to you CLICKHERE
  3. Share money to your 5 uplines and management this program totaly USD 60.00 who each get USD 10.00
  4. You will receive email report to activation your refferal link
  5. CLICK your link activated in your email and then enter to member area to complete your personal data
  6. PROMOTE your refferal link and get it some new member to share money to you
  7. You have get share money amount USD 10.00 per new member that join in your application

control your downline

Very easy to control your downline


Your balance information

Your balance report anytime

List your downline level 1

Very easy to see your downline level 1/p>

List your downline level 2

Very easy to see your downline level 2.

List your downline level 3

Very easy to see your downline level 3.

List your downline level 4

Very easy to see your downline level 4

List your downline level 5

Very easy to see your downline level 5

View Tree

You can see a view tree your downline

Connected and integrated

Further more, Your downline as a your cemployee to work for you

Very simple and easy

  • You are not required to buy a product
  • Any time and any where you can work this job
  • No required prior experience
  • Who you are can work this job


Receive share money no limit, again and again...and again

Full Report System

Every transaction is reported via your email.

Direct Payment System

in this program directly transfer member to member via PAYONEER.

Hold the world in your hands with our business

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